Unlike many people I know, I do not like children. Don’t get me wrong, I love (sometimes) kids. It’s just that when kids and children are in good behavior, I adore them. Other than that, sorry no. I rather stay away. That the reason I stop going to Sunday school when I was 16. I just cannot stand kids who cry, run, make noise, shout …etc. There is nothing wrong with them, they are just being normal. The problem is with me. So, I guess I don’t have to orientate you about Toys R Us and me! I stay away. Oh yes, very far.

I remember Toys R Us opened their first business in Malaysia in Parkson. The television commercial is memorable. I was a crying, running, shouting kid who was dreaming of someday I could enjoy Toys R Us like those children in the commercial. When I finally got to Toys R Us, I was too poor to buy those fabulous toys.

In the USA, Toys R Us is a scary place. Yep, with crying kids and stressful parents, especially Christmas time! It’s crazy. But the good thing is that you can actually return the toys (maybe in Malaysia too). So you can go to Toys R Us and buy toys that someone may like and then come back to return it. No question asks! There is also a general policy that if the prize of the toys goes down within the 14 days of your purchase, you can bring back the toy and receipt to ask for a prize adjustment. You could get the difference back! But that means you’d have to go back to Toys R Us to check if the prize has gone down or not. Oop, had I just admit that I regularly shop around Toys R Us? Ok, not during Christmas time!

Anyway, a popular phrase that I use to describe people who don’t take thing seriously, like the Malay phrase “main main” (meaning playful or play play), is “do they think this is Toys R Us? You can come to pick up your toys and return it the next day”? For example, when I was not happy with the way Martha has to prepare her grandson on Saturday morning so that the other “witch” grandmother, who gave birth to the loser father, can pick him up in a perfect package and return him the second day, I would use that metaphor.

Except, I have recently discovered that certain political party in my home country has almost become a Toys R Us of its own. I admit I had once looked the membership form up in the internet! Well, it’s just like I had looked at the form to join the FBI. Nothing serious, I am just curious. I didn’t know the political party operates like a Toys R Us! It is very flexible. One can goes in and out as easy as ABC, and toys can be play with, bought if you like it after playing and later return! Yes, there is a return policy. Members could join, kicked out, rejoined, reregistered, renamed, resigned, and finally ask to rejoin again. Viola, it is so progressive that I think Toys R Us or any corporations should actually be modeled themselves on this corporation! It’s the new concept after Sogo! I think I might just look up the membership form online again. Should I? Or, maybe I better stick with my Toys R Us lifetime membership status? Maybe the two are the same after all.