When my 57 years old father becomes interested in blogs, blogging, and bloggers, I am alarm. For the past few years, I have been trying to get him to learn to use the computer and the Internet without any success. He knows about the new technology but he insists he is too old to learn. He prefers the newspapers or sometimes just does not care about the news. Now, he is interested on blogs, blogging, and bloggers. There are so much things one does not know about one’s father!

When he expresses his interest over the phone, I gently ask “do you want a Internet connection?” Like all father, he did not say “Yes”. But I also did not hear a “NO”. So, I guess that means “Yes”.

You cannot blame me to raise my defense over my father’s simple desire; after all, I am what I am today because he is what he is today minus his selfishness. Don’t get me wrong, my father is comparatively nobody to those brave souls, who are arrested under some ridiculous reasons such as “national security”. Nonetheless, my father is my father. He is not a “nobody” to me. He is my father.

Of course, my father is no hero and he is yet to be my hero. Well, maybe a few more years when I am old enough to “think” clearly. While I sit in silence thinking about his request, I thought something must have aroused his interest to join the cyber world in this age. Something must have sparked his life enough that he is willing to take that big step or plunge forward. Or was it because my mother’s cooking has turned terriblly bad that my father needs to look some recipies up in the Internet? I guess not.

People blog or debut in the cyber space for very different reasons. One of them, which is true to everyone, is to connect. One of particular someone, who once charged to bathe his keris in Chinese blood, is now lobbying for One Malaysia. To me, it sounded more like the infamous Pauline Hanson’s One Australian. Those two are not even related. How could such two individuals share so much resemblance? Another particular someone, who was once (and still is) informed by a chauvinist ideology, started to petition as pluralist and popularist – Malaysian with a grassroots instinct or was it his Basic Instinct minus Sharon Stones??

Words are weapon of choice; choice is informed by words. What is in my father’s mind that the weapon of his choice is words? What has intrigued my father that he decides to join the cyber community at this age? What of my father that I have yet to discover?

No, my father is no blogger. Not yet, at least until we have the Internet connection set up at home. Should I proceed to explain to him now that the Internet connection might be disabled if his blog or words are “considered” controversial? Should I inform him the server might be down for no particular reason? Should I mention about the possibility of breaking a particular law? Or, are all these concerns overreacted because he is more informed by the media and is more prepared to face the consequences than many of us?

No, I want to clarify that my father is not the future of blogger, he is just concerned about the blogger’s future.