I think Mariah Carey is a man and I can prove it!

No, if anything, she does not wear trousers! I don’t need to prove that. A columnist once wrote that when women dress up, they generally have both sexes in mind. According to the writer, women dress for both women and men! However, she commented that not only does Mariah only dress only for men; she has one type of men in her mind – horny men! To this, I must agree with her.

So no, I am not referring to Mariah and her fashion ensembles. But I must admit that as days, months, and years go by, Ms. Carey does become more and more hyper feminine, a sign resemblance to drag queens, who I am sure love her and are inspired by her and catchy tunes.

Yes, I am referring to her song writing skill, especially her lyrics. A few days ago, when I was getting ready to head out, my 3rd generation iPod, now can only be played when it is plugged into the life support, decided to play a Mariah’s song after Sarah McLachlan. In poetic sense, Ms. Carey has no comparison. After all, according to a reviewer of E=MC2, you just don’t expect any great lyrics from her. Yes, the beat is still good and she still sings or I should rather say she moans and groans? It begins to make any rappers she featured to sizzle up the track appear like poets! Just how many “I am lonely… can you hold me” or “I’ve been checking you out” can she moans to the top?

Here is my point. Her lyrics appear more like some tacky boy bands’ love songs or even RnB ballads, which keep insisting “Let me love yah baby… let me be your man”, “baby, I can’t help it….I need you baby… I can’t take it no more” or “tell me why I am hurting baby”. Now can you see how Ms Carey operates like a man?

When I express this to a friend, she insists I really don’t like Mariah. But no, I like her. Well, I have all her CDs, if that count! I must say though, the one thing that Mariah Carey does best is she stick to her best self. She knows what works for her and which few tricks don’t. In short, she does not wear trousers! I wonder if she ever own one after the cover shot of “Dreamlover”

So let’s get to the conclusion. She doesn’t wear trousers and insists to be a man even through her lyrics appear to or operate to be very much like a man, but some others do wear trousers and insists of being men, when they can’t even walk the talk or talk the walk. So which is worse? Some of the beloved men who run the country don’t have a spine, let alone walking in trousers! But I was cautioned or corrected that, well… it’s not that they don’t have a spine, their spines are with the wives! She wears the trouser and he sings like Mariah!