So I have read that among others, the popular “anxiety” currently propagated in Malaysia via the mainstream media regarding Anwar Ibrahim’s rising political power was the possibility of him being an “agent” for the US or worst for the Jews, namely Israel. Of course, there is one Israel but there are Jews all over the world. The Jews also control Hollywood and major part of Businesses in Wall Street.

It is to my amusement that ironically Malaysia also imports tremendous amount of Hollywood products. These products fill Astro’s channels programs as well as Malaysia’s cinemas across the country.

Regardless of whether Anwar Ibrahim had once associated or encountered a Jew in his earlier political career, it is rather laughable that Anwar Ibrahim is constructed as a James Bond-like agent for the Jew or the US. Would the current Malaysian government be more appropriate as the “agent” as opposed to a lone soul like Anwar Ibrahim?

Well, for one the government, who is trying to guard the country from the Jewish agent, does not banned Hollywood productions that are financed by the Jewish Capital. Nope, that is not the concern because to them Malaysians are generally stupid enough to know that watching a Hollywood blockbuster is actually helping the Jews to bank in some of our money!

But Anwar Ibrahim could be an agent for them. I know we are desperate for a hero. So Astro offers “Heroes”. When there is none in the ruling government, the media invented Anwar likes a James Bond, an agent. Well, even though he is not 007, at least Anwar gives us dates! Maybe before Anwar is hailed as the Jewish agent, Astro should be the first! Wouldn’t Astro be more prevasive than Anwar Ibrahim? Their channels arrive at living rooms across Malaysian households. They operate 24 hours and seven days “religiously”!