“You have almost missed my funeral!” said my dearest Martha.

This was what I heard over the phone when I called home last week. Usually, the first thing she would tell me is what she cooked or prepared to cook in the coming days. I was guilty of not calling for about two weeks but I am glad I didn’t missed the funeral because there was no need to have one.

A few weeks ago, she coughed up or rather puked up some blood before she went to bed. Like all Wonderwomen, she thought it was nothing. So she went to bed. In her mind secretly, she admitted to me over the phone that she hated the idea of lying in the cold ER hospital bed overnight. So she preferred to wait until the morning. She puked up more blood in the middle of the night but she waited until the morning to call her family doctor! She is one tough bird! She was admitted to the hospital for two days and is currently out and running! But I couldn’t resist thinking that one day my phone call would actually received no answer or worst unfortunate news of her.

I sat in a conference yesterday afternoon in which Dr Noorlaili, the presenter, talked about the hardship of educating elder generation about the concept of “healthy aging”. To her frustration, she discovers that some of her subjects insist that sickness is some sort of god-sent test in which they must endure. Others resume to “spiritual” healing and disregard modern medicines and health cares. Then, there are those like my dear father who rather trust his friends than the doctors! Maybe when we now have “doctors” (i.e., my sister and soon I) at home, the idea of doctor has changed!

Under the glorious spring weather this afternoon, I sat with Eva talking about the work and catching up about life. The topic shifted to her parents in Poland. Her mother passed away two weeks before her Ph.D. submission in July. Back then, Eva told me her mother couldn’t wait for her return. Now her father is not well.

I don’t think our parents expected the world around them to change in such a velocity in which all over the world family units are shrinking and their children are or could be in every corners of the globe.

That brought me to the level of empathy with Dr. Noorlaili of “Healthy Aging”. I think we should somehow re-educate our parents in the midst of great changes, while at the same time ensuring we ourselves age in a healthy scale. Do it for the parents