No doubt, a change has come to America. The historical victory sees many tears. Tear from the loosing party is not what I am concerning here. What I concern is tears from those souls who, not too long ago, were denied the right to vote and were treated inhumanly. Yes, America has proven its ability to reinvent itself just like the resilience Madonna and Britney Spears! Could this erase its racist past?

Nonetheless, from the path to justice and equal rights, many have suffered, have died and shot dead. Too easy, we are reminded of the 21 months political campaign. The change that comes to America today has been rehearsed for years! For the Americans to be confident enough to vote for an African-American, they have come a long way.

It should be reminded that during the slavery era, it was not criminals and terrorists that tortured the slaves from Africa. It was the so-called good and religious Christians. To justify their cruelty, the Christians did not treat their slaves as human. By labeling the slaves as only half-men, killing them was justified in God’s eyes!

We, Malaysians, also had a chance of change early this year. Many have driven with the waves of change but have failed to create their own. Like it or not, the American has demonstrated to us:

1. The Courage and Ability to Dream, and Dream Big (through Obama)
2. The Graciousness in Accepting Defeat (through McCain)

Malaysia’s nation-building was once model after the American’s. That’s why our national flag has less resemblance to many former British colonies and is closer to the American’s. As the American choose to change, I wonder what would happen in the country that we once labeled as “Boleh” under a leader, who denied half of his heritage?

Maybe we just need a few more Hussiens…. Which I am sure we do.