The marketing campaign of a Hollywood film, High School Musical 3, has recently landed in this country. The promotion tour is accompanied by its attractions, mainly the young and attractive movie stars. As a result, the red carpet was flooded with teens and proud parents, who either try to get a snapshot or the signature of the Hollywood stars or they themselves might be the fan!

I have not seen all the installments but have seen clips from these films. Typical high school flicks with songs and dances are actually very entertaining. But if one is critical one can quickly realized the films are rather “white”. In other words, it comprises of High School with White teens lead actors. Nonetheless, there are a few African-Americans in the films but my guess is that the characters are either as friends to the lead roles that are rather “replaceable”.

Another film that will soon sweep across the world screens is the new James Bond flick. Scholars have studies the function and significant of James Bond films in relation to the changing social world. Film critics have hailed and praised the reinvention of the new James Bond. In the new invention, they delightly inform the world that the “promiscuous behaviors” of the superspy actually derived from an early broken heart! He is human after all!

Bond girls also changes and become more incorporative. Besides the Japanese, Russian, and even those Eastern European girls, we have Michelle Yeo and even, the sexy Halle Barry had also become one of the Bond Girls. The Bond villains also change substantially from power craving Russians to media mogul.

When is James Bond going to be altered and changes color? With the changes in America, will High School Musical graduate to an African-American College Musical? Will a Will Smith-like up and coming British Actors of African decent becomes the new Bond when the world retires Daniel Craig? Like Indiana Joneses, the Bond flicks can be super sensitive to the timeline. Therefore, the new Indian Jones was stuck in the 1950s and the Soviet can still supply the villain. As long as Bond is stuck in the past, we can still justify a white Bond. In view of this resistance, perhaps the task of change should be carry by the contemporary College Musical!

Will I live to see that day or it would take another civil rights movement?