I remember my university lecture, Mike Miller, brought in a piece of newspaper article from a French English daily to literature class when Bill Clinton was in the deep of controversy with Monica Lewinsky. The article was to accentuate the puritan root of American society and to demonstrate how the French viewed the same incident differently, especially when the article called the cheating President “rather charming”. Therefore, it was morally wronged in the USA but not in France. Looking back now, I have learned more from the lesson than the plurality of perspectives on sex and politics even though Mike’s intention was to connect the Salem witch-hunt to the American politics in 1998.

Sex and politics are intrinsically linked in a rather amusing way especially when major politicians in the world are men! Even the infamous Pauline Hanson of Australia had had an affair. In American politics, it is not known what Bill Clinton will be remembered for but I am certain that the Lewinsky case will stick. On the other hand, George Bush has been labeled as “incompetent”. This will certainly stick.

What about Malaysia? During Clinton-Lewinsky affair, especially the semen-stained blue dress, Malaysia mirrored with semen-stained mattress! Now, we even have an international murder case that could be brought to the International Court if injustice continues in the trial. If this is the case then it will be an “unfortunately” existing event!

Yes, Obama’s speeches have inspired many countries who do not have such an excellence orator to wish for one alike. If the murder case is brought to the International Court, we shall witness a different type of challenge in Malaysia. Yes, with the control of the ownership, the local mainstream media will thrive to protect the defenders and charges against the outside “invasion”. My guess is that calls for “anti-imperialism” will emerge.

But come on people, why not let the defenders be trained by the international media? We might then have an Obama-like orator! Yes, the Obama camp did purchase airtime before the election, but he or his party clearly does not own the American media! It would be interesting to also trace the origin of the C5 and I am interested to know if it costs more than a barrel of petrol. It would then generate enough interest in a movie about the case!

Of course, the American and French might have different perspectives on sex and politics. I am sure they would also share a very similar view on justice, especially on murder! Malaysians have seen countless episodes of CSI, NCIS, NYPD Blue, Cold Case, Law and Order, Bones, Prison Break, 24, and others. I am sure we can handle the drama in our everyday life as well as the sex and/in politics.