I received a birthday gift package from oversea this morning. It is a rather thoughtful giving with a card fully filled with words of thanks and wishes. Celebrations of any kind are not my common practice especially those celebrations that are filled with or are taken over by capitalist means. Some people like it, which is fine with me. Don’t get me wrong, I like to give gift. Yet, I do find it rather troublesome to, for example, only express love and caring through a special day or two in the year. Maybe I wanted more.

The main point is when a special day is marked then making comparison becomes inevitable. Comparisons could be, for example, this year’s birthday is more happening than last year. Or, I had a bigger party last year.

Little things like that irritate me because I refuse to see or to mark any day more special then others. So it is Christmas so what? There are different ways a day can be marked. For example, I rather mark days like the first snowing day in 2008. For places that snow, the first snowing day could be vary because of location, altitude, latitude, or Southern or Northern part of the globe.

Christmas, which is coming very soon, is one of the highest days for suicide in this country, especially among men in the rural areas. Social isolation, loneliness, and pressure from and struggle to provide for family under harsh working conditions are the main causes. It also couples with the ways in which society stigma that requires men to internalize their feeling and emotions. Festive seasons are when depression hit home the hardest.

I am thankful for all the gifts I have received in any occasion since 2008. But I am more concern with those who feeling the pressure during festive seasons. See, human exists before any festive celebrations. These celebrations are for joy, laughter, and to create memory. When it turns into pain and possible dangerous to human being, the they do not serve the purpose. Human comes before these celebration because without human and social life there are no celebrations. Maybe the animals and insects also celebrate but that’s not my concern!

I wonder why gifts are called gifts when the receiving end doesn’t give?