I read with amusement that Razak Baginda has came out to defend the few who were rumored to be involved in the high profile murder case of Altantuya. The online responses are interesting… for example: “I know that I am not involved, everybody else is also not involved. The real murderer, too, is not involved as he would never admit his involvement.”

For more examples, here are more esponses on Razak’s declaration: Razak, don’t tell us who’s not involved’, Altantuya: Pelik, bagaimana Razak tahu?.

I wonder maybe all “innocent” Malaysians or non-Malaysians should also come out to declare their not involvement with the case….

I, ikan patin, also do not involve in the case of Altantuya. My parents, my brother, my sister, and my dog are also not involve. When the murder happened, we’re all not in Malaysian soil. Furthermore, we have never met or seen her prior to the information from the newspapers. We didn’t even know Malaysia and Mongolia have a diplomatic relation. For the longest time, we thought Mongolia is part of China! Yet, like Razak Baginda, we would also like to extent our greatest sympathy to her family. One of our neighbour is also not involve because we’ve seen him in the airport on our way overseas. He was with his mistress but we regret that couldn’t tell you who she really is. However, one of my high school friend maybe a suspect. Well, the village people have not seen him for two years. We think he might be in exile like Bala. Once again, my family and i are not involve.