I read with amusement that the former Prime Minister is finalizing a list of names of those who practiced money politics.

(NST) – Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he would finalise the list of names of those who practised money politics in Umno once he was assured there was enough evidence to support the allegations.

“I have to be very sure before I put in the list. If I have evidence and Umno is not taking any action, then I will put in the list. I hope the (party’s) disciplinary board will act on it in two weeks.”

Dr Mahathir was reported as saying recently that all the reports received by him on money politics in Umno would be forwarded to the party’s disciplinary board for further action.

He also planned to submit the reports to the Anti-Corruption Agency. For more

I am not worry because i have no practised money politics. I am sure i would not be on the list. Furthermore, I have not even once bribe the Malaysian police! I have never double-parked, speeding, or even in any cases no obeying the traffic. So i am clear.

As for now, i would like to think that the list of names are real. that the former premier does has the list of names just like i believe that Anwar has enough MPs to form the government. But I wonder would the Mosques be packed with people trying to swear of thier innocence when the list is out? If i am a reporter, i will sure be buddied up with the mosque to get first hand information.