I read with amusement that Malaysian politicians and so-called NGOs but government related NGOs have call to boycott US products, including Coke. News of restricting Rihanna’s choice of revealing clothing during her up and coming concert in Malaysia is also reported.

KUALA LUMPUR : The Malaysian Islamic Consumers Association and NGOs have launched a nationwide campaign to boycott American products, following Washington’s support of Israel.

The list includes over 150 products ranging from food and beverage to household and skincare items.

Some Malaysians in the predominantly Muslim country have launched an economic jihad or holy war against Israel and the United States.


I have no objection to the boycott or restriction of concert clothing, after all when she performed in Malaysia years ago, the slutty Mariah Carey agreed to at least concentrate on her singing rather than her other aging assets!

But are we a little bit selective and therefore hypocrite? Or are foods really the only big deal in the nation called Malaysia? Yes, protest against Israel should be carried out, not only by any religious groups but also by politicians and parties that champion human rights, democracy, social equality, human security, and even environment and global warming. So we will drink a few bottle less Coke and other American “food” products. What about television shows and music on the radios just to name a few? What are we going to do about it? After all, Rihanna will be performing in Malaysia. I am sure if she has agreed to cover up, she wouldn’t mind the vending machines outside of her concert hall do not sell Coke.

All the protests are necessary but ONLY boycotting certain products serve no aim but political “wayang” for media coverage. What about sons and daughters of those politicians and protesters in the US? Should they come home too? After all, if they are in the US, they will go to Walmart, MacDonald, Taco Bell, International House of Pancake, and maybe the Olive Garden. These are all American products as well.

C’mon Malaysia, this is 2009. The show must go on but not like 2001!