My mouse
I wonder what types of news television shows will the American Television and media giants revealed for their new season’s line-up in February 2009? And what new and great ideas are the famous producers and writers are currently working on for the new 2009 season usually starts in late September? I am wondering because Malaysia’s media giants will certainly fight over which “hit” shows should they important. Would “Life on Mars” or “Lie to Me” make the cut? The former is about a cop who woke up in the 1960s after an accident and the latter tells a story of a cop that can read “lies” based on facial expression! How clever! I am also wondering because Malaysians, especially those government officials certainly need some serious “education” from these television shows, which they often criticize as “junk” and eroding our “native Asian culture”.

Yes, I read with amusement on the reports and responses from the government officials as well as the police in Malaysia regarding a recent incident in which a suspected car thief of Indian descent, A. Kugan, was brutally abused and later found dead in police look-up. Two separate autopsies have revealed different causes of death. Contradiction is nothing new in Malaysia and it’s certainly not news!

In the format of American productions, which many Malaysians greatly adored, a crime happened and the often over-glorified police forces, officers, crime lab personals, and special units work to their bone on one case in order to find the truth. Some only work on one case for the entire episode! Television shows that have done exceptionally well are those that tell the audiences great details and finally reveal to their half “intelligent” audiences when, who, why, and how the crime was committed. Often, when justice is served the moral of the story is also revealed. Although not all cases ended with a “happy ending”; occasionally, the victims are scared but unharmed such as those in “Without A Trace”. Others might be brutally killed by a hero/devil serial killer such as “Dexter”, who repays evil doing with evil. “Bone” always has someone found dead or else where the hell is the “bone” comes from?

To the Hollywood producers, writers, and creators, especially those who like to “rip” a story or idea from news and headlines, a few cases in Malaysia may just be the untapped gold mines that might help them hit a homerun and give them a new hit in America and then around the world!

In these few Malaysian cases, crimes are committed but instead of sending out the police forces, special units, and trained specialists to slowly “uncover” the crime and “discover” the criminal, these authoritative figures authorized by the state and people with guns and other alarming resources set out to “cover” up the crime and “cover” for the criminals! These criminals act are also “covered” up by the mass media and the police forces with threats of violence. What a twist and what a twist that Hollywood desperately needs, especially during economic recession and before Bollywood takes notice of such materials! The other twist is that once the crime is committed and the authority is out for “cover” up, it is then up to the common people in Malaysia to question the police “possible” wrong doing and raise moral questions of the crime and charge the media with biases and unfair coverage. Isn’t this a great “underdog” story like Spiderman or the recent “Slumdog Millionaire” story like? If you don’t believe that stories of underdogs do bring in money, just read up on those two movies I’ve mentioned earlier. Yeah, one of them are not as “big” as the recent Batman movie but hey they don’t even have to “kill off” an actor to generate attention. Audiences just embraced them because they tell story of the underdog!

In Malaysia, you can actually and legally killed someone when you are in the authoritative position. You have the license to kill just like James Bond once did. But if you are not in the authoritative position, your protests are menace to the society even when you’re dead! I start to wonder why Hollywood producers overlook these great materials while pounding on totalitarian states of South American. Come on Hollywood! Open your eyes and minds. After Canada and Australia that offer cheaper production costs and great locations for production, why not take a closer look on Malaysia? I am sure the police force will be willing to be the service of your company. Our government once provided full support for Jacky Chan when he filmed his “Police Story” in Malaysia. It’s very easy, you just have to put a few shots of the Petronas Twin Towers in the opening shot and viola, the government and Malaysian police force will be on their knee for your service. Malaysia can also attract some tourism as well! It’s a win-win situation.

In Malaysia, the authority is the cat and the people are mouse. The authority cannot be a underdog because a dog is not halal. But being a cat, the authority can legally eat the mouse because it’s animal nature, especially to survive. It’s a natural instinct to kill and then get away with it. Yet, they are busy making waves charging Israel with war crimes on humanity. Hollywood producers, why haven’t you take notice? The same show can be sold to Malaysia with high price while your production actually saves money. We also will throw in some local talents as well. They are cheap to hire and very professional, including committing actual crimes and then covering their trails. We’re excellence because we’re once told endlessly that Malaysia Boleh, Malaysia Can. And we certainly could.