An Utusan Malaysia’s report suggests that the famous and not in exile Raja Petra, known as RPK, could have used a passport from a neighboring country to flee to Britain. Without any doubt, the report raised the question of RPK’s disloyalty, especially holding a neighboring country’s passport. The departure left the Immigration Department puzzled, which is not a surprise, judging that the entry information of Altantuya was “mysteriously” missing from the data. Aiyoyo, I wonder what passport did the missing Malaysian fighter jet engines used to bring itself out of Malaysia to Argentina (or possibly the Middle East)? Were these jet engines being disloyal? Did they use Petronas’ petro to fly out? What about the royalty of those “ikan bilis” who brought them out?

In a separate incident, Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah suggested that the Malay-Muslim in Malaysia have more rights because they are the majority. Without any doubt, his “formula” was criticized but aiyoyo, are we seeing the rise of another Mahathir wannabe? No I wasn’t refer to the forthcoming of another great and charismatic leader but rather a wannabe so-called leader who denounced his own cultural “root”, just like Mahathir?