Since i have been (and am still) uninspired to write any new entries, but i am not uninspired to read and constantly searching for inspirational readings. Often, i encounter some rather unfamiliar big words so i thought to myself tonight, if i have to look those words up, why don’t i share those words with myself and other? It could certainly show how uneducated am i and maybe inspire someone else to learn some new words!

1. Harsh criticism or censure.
2. The public disgrace arising from someone’s shameful conduct.


BRITISH social researcher Simon Anholt attracted some opprobrium this week when he said Australia was seen as the world’s ”dumb blonde”: attractive, but shallow and self-possessed. It is not fair, but it is no less fair than the unflattering generalisations we make about the rest of the world, including the Brits. And since most of the rest of the world knows Australia only by media imagery, it is a perception that we either will have to deal with or learn to live with. Protesting that it is wrong won’t change it.