It is a destiny that I’ve lived and will be living in between cultures. At times, such condition bestows me with great excitements and adventures. In the moment of weakness, whenever I take a backward glance, I would realize that there is no longer a visible path leading back to where I came from. Even though moving forward may not the only way, I wouldn’t want to choose any other direction. It is after all a decision.

The blog will mark a debut and as a milestone in my life as I turn 26 again for the countless time. Aside from sharpen my vision of life, all the writings will be the visible traces of me, myself, and I.

The blog came to me on a sleepless night when i was writing about Malaysian politics in my thesis and at the same time worrying about the undercurrent of Malaysia’s politics. “Sekupang hati seribu taufan” popped into my head. Could a heart of gold withstands a hurricane’s storm?  According to the dictionary, “kupang” is a malay word that means a kind of currency in the olden days. However, the meaning varies in different states. To the North Peninsula Malaysian states, sekupang means 10 cents. In Kelantan, it worth 12 cents but in my home state, Pahang, it amounts to 50 cents! Upon negotiation, i was convinced that the blog needed a more symbolic name that will link the wriring to the “land underneath the wind” (Nusantara) which my kins have called home. Like an ocean, the river is a symbolic support for life forms. I chose ikan patin (silver catfish) because it is a fish native to the river of Pahang. It is not an expensive fish but you would find it in many wedding dinner. The fish is the living symbol and for your information i no longer do wedding. I had had it enough.

… also featuring guest writers from selat-selat (sluts) Kelantan.